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  Lynn has worked with hundreds of teams in more than 20 countries and specialises in enabling teams to move towards high performance. She creates bespoke sessions which are both active and engaging. They offer team members practical knowledge and skills to improve their performance. As a skilled facilitator and accredited mediator, Lynn also ensures that each team has the space and opportunity to discuss and resolve issues that are blocking the team achieving high performance.


Everyone has different challenges to face in their role at work or in their life in general.  As an experienced coach, who also has a psychotherapeutic background,  Lynn provides support on both work and personal issues. Individual sessions with Lynn help you to create the space needed to reflect in depth on your behaviours. You will be helped to explore if changes in your thoughts will create changes in your behaviour,  that will enable you to more effectively achieve your objectives.

Popular Objectives

Develop Your Skills As A Leader Or Manager
Increase Presence & Gravitas
Increase Self-Awareness
Improve Relationships
Learn To Lead More Strategically
Build Confidence & Self-Esteem
Increase Your Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Manage Stress In Yourself & Others
Manage Change & Transitions Effectively
Improve Presentation Skills
Effectively Handle Conflict
Manage Performance Of Others Effectively

“Lynn Leahy is inspirational. She combines professionalism, integrity and courage in equal measure. As a Vistage Chair I have worked with Lynn on a number of occasions and have witnessed the life- enhancing impact of her sessions.”

Coilin Heavey

Vistage International Chairman (UK)

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“Lynn’s relaxed and highly personable style has made for many highly successful training and coaching sessions that I have attended over the past decade or so. Her understanding of human behaviour in both the workplace and beyond is second to none which has contributed to improved business performance through better relationships and understanding of others”.

Stephen Bagnall


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– Provide a private and safe space to speak about confidential issues
– Act as an objective sounding board for your ideas and challenges
– Provide real life examples from her experience to help you evaluate your choices
– Challenge you to self-analyse and become aware of your blind spots and strengths
– Give practical tips and teach you skills that will help you to change behaviors that may be blocking succcess
– Help you find solutions to your challenges in a way that suits your personality and values



If you travel to meet Lynn she will offer you a free initial one hour’s assessment session. (This is also an option via skype).

This assessment session will enable you to decide without obligation, if Lynn’s approach / style suits you. It will also allow Lynn to understand fully the issues that you wish to focus on during coaching. She will only agree to work with you if she is confident that she can add value. At the end of this initial assessment, you will jointly decide if you should contract together for future sessions. Sessions will normally be for one and a half hours and the norm is 3 – 8 sessions


Contact Lynn now to book an initial session.


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