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What do you think makes your sessions so effective?


Mostly it’s because my sessions are solutions based. I give people an understanding of the theory behind human interaction and I make these theories directly relate to real life. I do this by using examples and stories and design my sessions so that people will walk away knowing exactly what they can do differently tomorrow in order to achieve the results they want.

What would you say your style of teaching is?

Practical, interactive and fun. Some people ask me if I’m a motivational speaker. I feel that label doesn’t fit me because I don’t simply change people’s mood – I also teach skills. Sometimes when I arrive, there are a few of the participants who are expecting a slightly “over the top speaker” who will be exhorting them to “shoot for the stars” and “follow their dreams”. My style is very down to earth –  I’m a storyteller and I use this to bring complicated ideas to life. I also design engaging activities which brings the lessons home to people clearly.

Your work addresses some very personal issues for people, how do you get people to engage and effectively take on the learning?

You have to work hard at building trust. Honesty is key so I use examples from my own life and I give examples of my own strengths and weaknesses. I make myself vulnerable and people have told me that this allows them to trust me and become more receptive to the ideas and insights I have to offer.

What keeps you going after 25 years?

I utterly believe in what I do and I truly like people.  I love to learn and everyday when teaching,  I learn interesting and sometimes wonderful things from the people that I’m there to teach.

Much of the learning that people get from my sessions not only improves their professional development, it also has a positive impact on their personal lives. It’s amazing to watch how sometimes small changes in attitude or behaviour can have a huge impact on a person’s life.  I care about the results of my work and I get so much pleasure from hearing about the amazing things that some people have gone on to do,  after I have had the pleasure of working with them. (Read some of their feedback here)


I feel privileged to have worked with the variety of people, businesses and across so many cultures. I am always learning – my job is so special because every day I have the opportunity to develop.

What’s important to you about the way you work with people?

It’s important that it’s a good fit on both sides. I run my business the way I run my sessions, with total honesty. If I don’t think I’m the right person for a person want to achieve I tell them. 95% of my work comes from referrals and this is because I stick closely to offering things that are within my area of expertise.  This means I can deliver on promised objectives.


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