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  Lynn has worked with hundreds of teams in more than 20 countries and specialises in enabling teams to move towards high performance. She creates bespoke sessions which are both active and engaging. They offer team members practical knowledge and skills to improve their performance. As a skilled facilitator and accredited mediator, Lynn also ensures that each team has the space and opportunity to discuss and resolve issues that are blocking the team achieving high performance.


Lynn works with a wide range of clients across Asia, Australasia and Europe.


“In all my years of gainful employment, I do not think I have ever seen a training course produce the results of this one, it is quite remarkable. Several of those who went on the course, although able and very experienced were very set in their ways. If it I had not seen the change in their behaviour with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it was possible”.

Philip Waring

EP2 Factory Manager,Van Leer, UK

WOW !!! – What a superb course this was – I can honestly say it was the best 2 hours I’ve spent training recently. Lynn Leahy, who can add me to her list of fans, has a style of training which definitely leaves you wanting more – I could have stayed all day. Lynn’s real life examples clearly identified where I can further develop my own skills, but, equally importantly, I could see that others view “their world” completely differently. I will be changing my behaviours in an effort to create even better (!) relationships."

Wendy Waldron

PAR&D, Astra Zeneca

“Lynn has my complete confidence and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others. A number of people, myself included, went into the sessions with her uncertain of our involvement and not wholly convinced that our time would be well spent. A day with Lynn dispelled all these doubts. Lynn is able to create an atmosphere in which her audience soon have complete confidence in her”.

Paul Hughes

Chief Executive, Cheshire Building Society, UK

“A massive thanks to you for yesterday. I love the term “buzzing” and that’s the only way to describe how my staff were after you left yesterday. One member of staff said she didn’t think it was possible to learn so much about herself that she didn’t know! Mike my Deputy said his “brain was firing off in all directions” which in spite of the imagery is I think a great place to be. I felt supported, informed, inspired and moved to tears at times by your teaching”.

Pat Downes

Headteacher – Cheshire County Council

“Lynn was brilliant and filled me with confidence that she knew what she was talking about. I don’t often enjoy training but this really hit the note with me, so much so that for my CIPD module I am going to write an essay on the importance of training the mentees as well as the mentors”.

Vicki Battman

Delegate – Mentoring Programme, United Utilities

“I have rarely had such positive feedback about the overall quality of delivery and the depth to which some issues were covered. Several participants commented that it has been the most impactful programme they had ever attended”.

Neal Chamberlain

HR Director, Unilever, UK

“Excellent workshop, the facilitator was first class, very engaging. I thought it was great that she shared experiences from her own life with us. Great sense of humour and had the group laughing quite a bit”.


Emotional Intelligence Workshop, Newcastle University

“Well done – you received scores of 93% for both content and delivery!” Comments from members included “Fantastic mix of advice and practical thoughts to implement”. “Excellent presentation and full of insight”.

Vistage International

(V75, 14 December 2011)

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop yesterday. I loved your Northern humour and how well you explained everything….I wish I had had this course 30 years ago. It would have possibly saved me from making myself ill with stress on more than one occasion in my working life”


(Name withheld to respect confidentiality)

“Your material was excellent and presented with a style of humility that Kiwis respect. The scores are among the highest that our group members have given to any of the presenters that we have had, and when you return to New Zealand we would be very keen for you to present to our group again.”

Richard Maher

Chairman, TEC 705, New Zealand

“Lynn, I believe we will often look back as a group and make comments on this time. You are a person of consummate skill in your area of learning, and this comes across in the way you led us through the different models and thinking. You, your material and the way you taught were seamless, authentic and of high value.”

Simon O’ Shaunsessy

Chairman, Key 902/TECR 802, New Zealand

“Lynn, thanks indeed. A number of the members (including a couple of the most critical) stated it was the best TEC presentation they had participated in since joining TEC, and two were over 7-year members. Well done. I took three pages of notes again!”

Stephen Myers

Chaiman, TEC 43/KEY 115, Australia

“To hold and engage a mature group that has largely been in place for some years over a four-hour session is something of an achievement, and thanks on behalf of us all for an excellent experience. The session gave insight, structure and framework into a role of management that most have learned on the job and by the experience of mistakes, and I’m confident it will be applied to considerable benefit by the group.”

Charles Moore

Chairman, TEC 28, Australia

“Lynn has a captivating personal style which blends an absolute expertise in her subject with high levels of personal integrity and a remarkable sense of theatre. I would highly recommend her ability to teach coaching skills and the art of teambuilding at every business level including high achieving and very demanding CEOs!”

John Watkinson

Vistage International Chairman, UK

“Lynn was one of the first speakers I heard when I joined the CEO organisation. She had an impact on me that lasts to this day and I have moulded much of my philosophy around what she imparted to us. On each subsequent occasion that I have encounterd Lynn, I have come away much the richer for that encounter, as have all those who have been with me on those sessions.”

Richard Hawkes

Vistage International Chairman (UK)

“Lynn Leahy is inspirational. She combines professionalism, integrity and courage in equal measure. As a Vistage Chair I have worked with Lynn on a number of occasions and have witnessed the life- enhancing impact of her sessions.”

Coilin Heavey

Vistage International Chairman (UK)

Lynn has a remarkable ability to reach the parts inside us that others cannot reach, to alert us to what our true potential could be and to help us on our individual jouneys to become what we really want to be and to achieve what is important to us. Lynn worked with us as a group – until two in the morning and way after our allotted span – and provided us with deep personal insights, new and meaningful ways to stimulate our management teams back at our ranches, and a great deal of merriment. We knew we could trust her with our vulnerabilities and, from chief executives, there can be no higher praise”.

David Glassman

Vistage International Chairman (UK)

“Lynn helps business owners get remarkable results from their staff; for example, by encouragement rather than criticism. Her approach is challenging but supportive, caring but strong, and her sessions show her as approachable and warm hearted, creating an atmosphere conducive to change in her listeners.”

Edward Clifford

Vistage International Chairman (UK)

“Lynn – as you probably realise the whole team was taken aback by how effective the session was. The way you handled the session was nothing less than masterful. You respected everyone’s initial reluctance and gave us all the time and space to come round to the idea. Each of us learnt a great deal about ourselves and those we work with. As a group we now trust each other and work much faster together than before”.

Paul Woodmansterne

Chief Executive, Woodmansterne Publishing

“Delegates voted the prrogramme the best managment development programme and the best training they had ever received. The Directors commented on the sheer size of impact it had on motiavtion and managerial competence.”

Andy Fleet

Head of Training, Greenalls, UK

“I sat in on a Leadership session that Lynn (Oakridge Consulting) was running. The duration of this training session was about 5-6 hours and is one of the best and most useful I have ever attended. I found the content a really effective blend of Management Theory, Group Involvement, discussion around Effective Teams and Analysis of Individual Drivers. Throughout the course the content was backed up by real life examples / anecdotes from Lynn which really added substance to the whole training session. Lynn was really successful in getting the balance right between theory, anecdotes and practical application”.

Jeff Hutchison

Merck, UK

“Lynn’s relaxed and highly personable style has made for many highly successful training and coaching sessions that I have attended over the past decade or so. Her understanding of human behaviour in both the workplace and beyond is second to none which has contributed to improved business performance through better relationships and understanding of others”.

Stephen Bagnall


“Lynn, you were a great success. Everybody was extremely positive after you’d left and I heard several encouraging remarks re ‘that session made more of a difference than anything else we’ve done’! They also really appreciated the fact that you shared so much of yourself with them and commented that this helped them to trust you. We had some very challenging issues to discuss yesterday and it felt very tough at points. The team did comment at the end, however, that they didn’t think they could have got through it intact without your session.”

Anna White

HR, AstraZeneca, UK

“Lynn was fantastic and truly motivating, everything was tailored perfectly to the audience and I really enjoyed the 2 hours this afternoon. I have to admit I was thinking this morning about all the work I could be doing this afternoon, but am very pleased I took the time out to come along. Please could you also pass on my thanks to Simon for agreeing and paying for this and also to Lynn for a truly wonderful and memorable afternoon.”

Sue McIntyre

Clinical, AstraZeneca

“We have just restructured and light bulbs were going off by the minute during Lynn’s presentation”

“I gained so much from this session – the most from any session I have had so far – I walked away with massive learning’s”.

“Our son as you know also attended your session and he told me that the next day he successfully applied your teaching to a particularly difficult situation he faced with one of his more aggressive rugby players!"

“I came away with more than just tools – excellent presentation, engaging and insightful“.

“You are a nice combination of a woman who seems rather quiet, but then you start talking and you are like a star on Broadway!”

” Your presentation was fabulous – practical and informative. I would love to attend the same kind of Seminar if I get more chances”.

“The facilitator was amazing. She is someone you would wish to have as a mentor and friend.”

“Lynn Leahy was extremely knowledgeable but personable with it. Her non -judgmental style and willingness to relate to the group made this one of the most effective workshops I have ever been on”.

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