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  Lynn has worked with hundreds of teams in more than 20 countries and specialises in enabling teams to move towards high performance. She creates bespoke sessions which are both active and engaging. They offer team members practical knowledge and skills to improve their performance. As a skilled facilitator and accredited mediator, Lynn also ensures that each team has the space and opportunity to discuss and resolve issues that are blocking the team achieving high performance.


Lynn frequently speaks at both national and international conferences on a variety of topics. She has spoken at conferences in Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America.

Popular Sessions

Building High Performance Teams
Multi-Generational Leadership
Handling Conflict Effectively
Building Resilience
Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Establishing Strong Relationships
Developing Exceptional Customer Service
Managing Transition & Change

“I came away with more than just tools – excellent presentation, engaging and insightful“.

“You are a nice combination of a woman who seems rather quiet, but then you start talking and you are like a star on Broadway!”

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“I gained so much from this session – the most from any session I have had so far – I walked away with massive learning’s”.

”Your presentation was fabulous – practical and informative. I would love to attend the same kind of Seminar if I get more chances”.

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To book Lynn for a speaking engagement at a conference or learning day, you can contact her directly

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